Why SpecxArmor?

SpecxArmor® committed to maintaining the highest standards and continuous improvement to our customers. Our mission is to produce specialized products to ensure safety excellence for any environment and every end user SpecxArmor® established with an ambition to produce the high quality, safest and the customized products as per customer’s need. We are exploring a new world in Gloves, High-Temperature materials, Electric Arc and Flame retardant materials to deliver the highest level of protection without compromising the safety standards and the hazard intensity. We are the only choice that delivers safety with comfort. SpecxArmor® has its best research and development team that understands the customer requirements that help them to provide the best solution. This is how we are improving and enhancing our portfolio capabilities and reliability every day, not only resolving the customer problems but also meet their safety standards.

At the end, we want to say “True Specs – Real Armor” and thanks for choosing us