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    • Gray Wolf® Aluminized heavy duty apparels are especially designed for high temperature molten metals splashes and handling
    • The Boot cover protect the approx 100% of the upper and lower part of the body
    • The upper layer of coated premiuim leather reflects upto 90% – 95% of the high radiant heat
    • The Gray Wolf® gives an ultimate protection that challenges the multiple direct spill and splashes of molten metals that no other material can do so
    • 100% DuPont™ Kevlar lining gives the unbeatable strength from mechanical and thermal hazards
    • Gray Wolf® stitched with the Kevlar threads for maximum strength and life
      Customization is available as per customer request
    • Applications: Foundry Casting Glass, Metal Fabrications and welding | Military & Homeland Security | Personal Protective Apparel | Radiant Heat Control | Automotive & Transportation